How To Get Fish Smell Out Of The House

Some people like the smell of cooked fish, frying, or baking. But, a few hours later, the scent remains in the living space when you’ve had enough of your meal. The strong smells remain in the air of the house and remain there. Fortunately, the smell is simple to eliminate. There are many ways to get rid of the smell. These methods work with other odorous food items like bacon and cabbage, Brussels sprouts, liver, and garlic.

Why Does Fish Smell?

It might seem like an obvious solution. The smell of fish is like fish. However, there’s a scientific basis for the smell. The smell of fish comes from the organic breakdown of fats along with acid compounds, in particular, trimethylamine oxide (TMAO) and its transformation into trimethylamine (TMA) after exposure to the air. Fish might taste delicious; however, “fish” is not a smell that homeowners would like to be lingering in their homes.

Odor Removal Methods

Here are some strategies I’ve personally tried and suggested.

Open Windows and Doors

When the temperature is pleasant, open all the windows and let the scent out and fresh air enter. Even when it’s hot, cold, or raining outside, open your windows. A few tiny cracks can allow air to circulate more efficiently than if the windows were completely closed. The quicker you can open the windows, the more convenient it is. It would be best if you opened them before preparing to cook, leaving them open following cooking for as long as possible.

Turn on Fans Before, During, and After Cooking

Switch on the ceiling and room fan to let the air circulate faster and more efficiently. Like opening the windows, the faster you start the fans, the more efficient they’ll be.

Get Rid of the Source of the Smell

When your meal is finished, wrap it up tightly, refrigerate the leftovers, clean the dishes, and empty the garbage. The cause of the smell removed from your home as fast as possible will lessen your home’s smell. Wipe kitchen surfaces clean with vinegar or lemon juice to eliminate even more traces of the fish smell.

Light a Candle

Smokers and other fragranced candles do a fantastic job of masking a fishy scent. One candle emits a great deal of scent and can last an extended period. Scented candles are available in a variety of flavors.
The scents of peppermint and lemon are particularly effective in removing the smells that emanate from your kitchen. Light your candle before cooking, allow it to burn over your meal, and clean up your kitchen.

Simmer a Pot of an Odor-Eating Smell Killer

You can also apply these techniques after you’ve completed baking, though the earlier you start a pot simmering in the oven, the better it’ll be. If your microwave or oven has taken on a sour smell, place a steaming pot of one of these ingredients directly into the appliance and let it rest for a night. Lemons and other citrus fruits: Place the pieces of lemon in the pan of water and allow them to cook over the fire. If the recipe for your fish calls for lemons or juice, use the leftover lemon rinds.
If you’ve had a bite of grapefruit or an orange the previous day, you can throw the peel into the pan alongside the lemons or maybe even in a place with the lemons. Vinegar: Set the vinegar in a small saucepan over the flame. The vinegar should be heated and let it simmer. Cinnamon and Spices: Boil the water in a pot with the addition of a few cinnamon sticks or other wonderful-smelling spices like ground cloves or fresh rosemary.

More Odor-Killing Methods

Below are a few odor-reducing tricks I’ve heard of from my friends but haven’t yet tried and therefore cannot speak for their efficacy. They’re all simple, inexpensive, or even free and well worth giving them a go.
  • Put the dry towel in the oven or stove as your fish cooks. It is believed that a wet towel can absorb the smell of fish.
  • Place an apple slice in the pan as the fish cooks and the fryer while the fish is cooked. The apple is believed to absorb the smell of the fish.
  • Place an uncooked stick of cinnamon in the oil for frying as you cook your fish. I don’t know whether or not it imparts the flavor of cinnamon to the fish; however, it’s designed to reduce the strong smell.
  • Put a teaspoon of peanut butter in the pan while cooking fish. Peanut butter can absorb odors from fish. I’m not sure how this wouldn’t affect the taste of the fish.
  • Soak your seafood in milk for at least half an hour before cooking it. This will reduce the smell when cooking the fish but without altering the flavor that the fish has.
  • Make sure to soak your fish with the water mixed with 1/4 cup vinegar or one teaspoon of juice from a lemon before cooking. Like the milk trick, this can be said to help reduce the smell of cooking. It is claimed that it does not alter the taste of the fish. However, I can’t confirm that claim.


Fish is a highly nutritious and delicious food that billions of people enjoy. It does have an odor that is difficult to get rid of. This is why you can employ a variety of precautions and tried methods to get the smell from your house.

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